Operations Research and Business Intelligence for Foreign Military Sales Training:

On a daily basis, Country Intelligence Group’s research team provides real-time business intelligence and operational awareness to its client who is responsible for delivering Foreign Military Sales training to the U.S. Government, Foreign Partner Nations, and U.S. Defense Industry personnel. Country Intelligence Group collects numerous data types from multiple channels related to our client’s foreign military sales training mission. We meld the data together into coherent information from which we can analyze and make fact-based recommendations to help accomplish our client’s mission in the most efficient and effective manner while reducing operational risk. Through years of reliable service to our client, we have be-come their trusted advisor when it comes to making the most important decisions that impact their organization. They routinely make multi-million dollar decisions based on the operations research and Business Intelligence that Country Intelligence Group provides.

Non-Rider Baseline and Trip Characteristic Study for The Greater Dayton RTA:

Faced with a shrinking ridership, The Greater Dayton RTA sought to gain an understanding of what it would take to get residents to start utilizing RTA public transportation services. Country Intelligence Group assisted the RTA with developing and conducting a public opinion poll and market survey of residents currently in the RTA’s service area who do not currently ride the RTA. Within 1 week, Country Intelligence Group developed and executed a 15 minute telephonic survey and collected data directly from a representative sample of over 600 residents in the RTA’s service area. Our research team then analyzed the data and made over a dozen recommendations that the RTA could immediately begin implementing to increase Ridership based on non-rider perceptions of the RTA and the characteristics of their current local transportation habits.