Resource Planning & Capability Forecasting:

To ensure long term success, leaders need full awareness of the expertise and capabilities in their workforce. Country Intelligence Group measures, tracks, and forecasts workforce capabilities and utilization by considering all of the factors that impact resource allocation. Our service informs the resource planning process to ensure our clients have the capability to fully meet current and future performance requirements.

Root Cause Analysis for Systems & Operations:

There is often a plethora of overwhelming data when trying to identify the cause and effect between events. County Intelligence Group utilizes a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods to identify causal links and to understand the root causes of success and failure. We enable expedient adjustment to projects and facilitate decisions supported by reliable data.

Lessons Learned & Best Practices:

When budgets tighten, Government programs managers are required to objectively assess the Return on Investment (ROI) for their programs. Country Intelligence Group delivers comprehensive and objective ROI assessments to uncover apparent as well as hidden costs and benefits for Government programs. Our assessments inform the budgetary process and support budgetary decisions.

ROI Analysis for Government Programs:

Trying to measure success is often difficult, but the need for salient metrics that indicate an accurate level of success remains. Country Intelligence Group helps clients develop clear metrics to easily track, report, and forecast performance. We help our customers measure success and focus on goal achievement.

Lessons Learned & Best Practices:

Preventing repeat blunders and adopting innovative techniques is crucial to maintain peak performance. Country Intelligence Group helps clients meld Business Intelligence Data with Performance Monitoring and real-world experience to capture and integrate lessons learned and best practices in the planning & execution of operations.

Training Management for Large Organizations:

Managing training & education for a large dispersed workforce is challenging. Country Intelligence Group successfully manages training programs of this nature. We help identify and track training requirements, develop solutions to effectively eliminate knowledge gaps in the workforce, and we help allocate training resources to maximize return on investment.